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I just finished ghost writing a book on digital photography. Don’t look for it in stores because it doesn’t have my name on it. The process allowed me to think through a lot of stuff that I knew but hadn’t had to verbalize for awhile.

In the section on buying a camera I got to think through what to look for in buying a camera in different price ranges. The first thing that came up was the importance of having a viewfinder. Many cameras in the under $300 range these days have only LCD screens. These look cool but are extremely impractical in actual use. For one thing, not being able to push the camera to your face makes it nearly impossible to hold the camera steady enough to get sharp pictures in low light. Secondly, most are very difficult, if not impossible, to see in bright sun, especially with sunglasses on.

On a trip with my mother a while back, we thought her camera had quit working. When we got back to the hotel it was fine. We eventually figured out that LCD screen appeared totally black outside in the snow with sunglasses on, rendering it totally useless. I was able to get good photos because my camera had an eye-level viewfinder.

When you are ready to lay down your hard-earned cash, think about these things.

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